My sessions or groups that I created are not shown in the extension

Created by: Roshan
Modified on: Fri, 20 Oct, 2022 at 12.00AM

There are multiple reasons why sessions are not reflected.

  • You are using the free plan, which allows for a maximum of 5 sessions; adding more sessions is not permitted with the free plan.
  • Sessions shared by any user expire after a specified time limit and are no longer accessible or visible in the extension.
  • Groups do not exist if there are no sessions; if someone deletes all sessions in a group, the group also vanishes. Groups cannot be deleted; sessions create groups. For example, suppose a group is named "Streaming," and you add Netflix, Youtube, and Prime sessions to it. If you delete the Netflix, Youtube, and Prime sessions, the group is immediately removed because there are no sessions in it.
  • If some sessions are not entirely synced or restored, the extension will erase data from the extension cache, resulting in sessions that are not synced and will not be visible when you open the extension again.