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Your accounts, under one roof

The one stop shop for multiple account management.

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Sendwin will help you

Switch accounts with ease

Switch between multiple account easily with just one click access using Sendwin.

Share Session across device

Share all sessions across all your device with just one click using Sendwin.

Multiple login made easy

Speed up your productivity pipeline by 80% and work by 60% using Sendwin.

Session isolation on every tab

Easily isolate and test more copy variations to decrease your workload.

Different browsers in single window

No more need for secondary browsers, private sessions, let Sendwin handle these for you..

Bookmark your favourite sessions

Save your favourite sessions account and most used accounts directly in your browser tab.

Premium Proxy addon

Protect pages that you don’t feel like sharing like account, billing pages without permission.

Protect every session page

Protect pages that you don’t feel like sharing like account, billing pages without permission.


Blur session tabs with ease

Blur any selected text or page and Hide sensitive information on a web page.

Session timer for session share

Display Set timer on every session so you can see when you run out time.

We protect your privacy

We do not use shared storage,so other tabs and websites therefore cannot monitor your activity.

Rock solid security

AES-256 for symmetric operations and RSA 2048 bit for asymmetric operations to for every sessions.

Choose the plan best suited for you


7 days free access

Sync your sessions between across devices. Share sessions with your friends, teams without sharing email and password.

  • Limited multi-login
  • Multi tab isolation
  • Share sessions with any users
  • Bookmarks saved sessions
7 day trial

Pro Plus

$6.99 / mo

Unlock full features with one click session share, session block, website session access, session share under one roof with making every session appear to have been started from different browsers on different computers.

  • Everything from Pro plan
  • Session share link
  • Website session access
  • Blur sessions
  • One click all session share
  • Block sessions
  • Automatic proxy assign
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1000+ active users

user image

Asha Vemulakonda

Best multi login platform, i was invited for beta test, and to my surprise i found a gem. Best part for me bookmark a session and open for later use.

user image

Dominique Hewitt

Seems like a wonderful idea. However, what i like best is Facebook and instragram access of multiple app in just one tab.

user image

Aştî Matsumura

Best of the best extension! Was looking for something like this i a while, thank you so much for this amazing extension, my work load is reduced.

user image

Jocelyn Tadesse Botterill

Upgarded within few minutes, just to test block pages feature and this is absolutely killer feature for team member, must have app to multilogin.

user image

Glyn Preston

This is must have app to login to multiple accounts in one google chrome, multiple tab with different isolation tab is really amazing and cool feature.

user image

Doris Berggren

Works like a charm so far.Very clear explanation of how it works via help center, without a doubt, i will recommend this to friends.

user image

Rajkumari Korrapati

Sendwin has allowed me to access multiple accounts easily on a single browser. Support is also amazingly understanding and responsive.

user image

Anita Jain

Works well with Twitter, Works perfectly with other test tool. I love this extension.

user image

Azura Wesley

Sendwin app is seriously amazing and is perfect for my personal related usage. I am so grateful! Thank you, Sendwin!

user image

Martina Underhill

This is a good extension, I bought the paid version to use proxy features and it works well for testing purpose.

user image

Flick Haywood

Extension is very useful, I used it to log into multiple company owned accounts to keep track of some data. Loved it, very happy with it.

user image

Shanthi Ahmad

Beautiful app design. Best part is session access from website, no need to open extension to access session, bookmark is plus for me.

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